Included in both tours:
Transportation (round trip) NEW!!! MEDICINAL PLANTS GARDEN
Certified tour guide (German or French on request)
Spotting equipment
Entrance fee
Chocolate & candy tasting

Price per person:

What to bring:
Hiking shoes
Insect repellent
Comfortable light clothing

For this combo we recommend the afternoon Chocolate tour with goes from around 2pm to 5 pm, and the Night tour after that from like 6pm to 8pm. Between tours you will have about 45 minutes break, we recommend to bring snacks and drinks.

About This Tour

This is a perfect combination of tours where you can see and learn about cultural and development aspects of Costa Rica with the Chocolate tour and can be combined with a jungle night tour at the end.
Perfect for culture and animals!

Both tours are located 15 minutes from anywhere in Manuel Antonio or Quepos town. For other pick up locations please request.

Jungle Night Tour Description:
Once the sun sets in the Costa Rican rainforest, we start hiking and looking for exiting species of animals while the jungle takes on a totally different character. It goes from a green cathedral-like forest where beautiful shining blue morpho butterflies fly along small rivers to a pitch-black jungle, filled with the sounds of millions of insects and dozens of frogs & toads.

It is the same green fascinating forest, but now it’s dark and you are ready to go find out what’s there! It’s the best time to find, observe and photograph beautiful tree frogs, shy snakes, colorful insects, mammals and other rainforest creatures that only come out at night.

Chocolate tour Description:
All in one: Chocolate Tour Manuel Antonio / Trapiche Tour / Coffee Tour

We offer a combination of attractions! Firstly, the chocolate tour starts with the cultural and biological background of cacao in the world and here in Costa Rica. It further introduces you into the collecting, fermenting, grinding and finally the making of chocolate, the drink of the gods.

Secondly, we talk about coffee and its importance for Costa Rica’s economic and cultural development. We have a showroom with important coffee picking instruments and real producing plants to better explain the process of coffee production. We will show you how to make Café-Chorreado, the real Costa Rican practice of preparing coffee.

Finally, we will look at one of the most important aspects of Costa Rican culture and tradition, the trapiche: A sugar cane mill run by two beautiful oxen (Fast & Furious). Here we grind sugar cane to extract the juice and make all types of local and delicious candy (Dulce, Sobado, Espumas and Miel) you can try. This is for sure the sweetest tour in the area.

Besides all of that we are in a private jungle-preserve only 15 minutes from Manuel Antonio. The presence of wild animals like sloths, monkeys, birds and frogs is common. Be ready for anything.

New New New!!! We have recently added a MEDICINAL PLANTS GARDEN TO OUR EXPERIENCE